TEDxShenkarCollege 2020

The event will take place on May 24th at 5pm (Israel time, GMT+3)

For our TEDxShenkarCollege event, we had a group of great speakers, that prepared some excellent talks, all under the title "Intersections". The event this year was broadcast live online and is available on Facebook. The videos were published on the TEDx website and YouTube channel, and you are invited to watch them either on the speaker's pages below, or directly on YouTube.
Learn more about our speakers and their "ideas worth spreading":



How about AQ?

Dov Moran is an Israeli entrepreneur, investor and best known as the inventor of the USB Flash Drive. Dov Founded M-Systems in 1989 and led it till its acquisition by SanDisk for $1.6B at the end of 2006 after reaching revenues of $1B

Goodbye Daughter, Hello Son

Michael Keidar is a textile designer, Head of the Rozen Center for Sustainability at Shenkar College, Head of the Art & Design Department at Youth Village Bikurim for Excellence in Arts. Owner of Loopa - A Mind for Design

Gamify Your Love

Vered Pnueli is head of the M.Des program in game design and development at Shenkar College. She became interested in the gaming industry after realizing the lack of games aimed at female audiences, and gained her PhD in Media Studies at Brunel University.

Love as a Business Strategy

50 years of experience in roles which utilized managerial, business development, sales and marketing capabilities, international experience and leadership skills

Luck as a Strategy

100 times Venture Capitalist, extreme sports addict, founder of the first Venture Debt fund in Germany, constantly looking for and achieving challenges, always with passion


Orly is an international conference organizer, working with clients such as the Israeli Government, the European Union, and many more. Her busy daily schedule was shaken when she was diagnosed with APBD - an orphan disease.

Showing up Very Early

Richard identifies as European, Polish, Krakowian, British, a citizen of the world, a TEDx-er, an immigrant, father, and as business and social entrepreneur. He has started more than 30 businesses in Poland, the UK and USA

"What do you do?"

Yoni Sagy is an adventurer, after spending a year in beautiful Australia working for an Israeli start-up company he came back with a question, how you should define and introduce yourself?

Chaos and Creativity

Product and car designer, founder and director of PADWA-DESIGN studio. Holds an MA from the British RCA in Automotive Design.

Former head of the industrial design department at Shenkar College.

The Recording of My Life

Steven Max Stern has worked in high tech and software development for more than twenty-five years across multiple industries. After his diagnoses he retired from the business world to deal with his disease and to live life...

Guest Performer

Suzy Miller was born in California, US, made "Aliyah" to Israel in her late teen years, and debuted her professional musical career in Israel, as part of the popular "The Brothers and The Sisters", and then starring in popular English learning TV programs on the Israeli National Educational TV Channel.


TEDxShenkarCollege Organizing team - 2020

A talented group of organizers helped put the event together:

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Prof. Mel Rosenberg

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Shenkar College. Lead organizer. Speaker mentor


Lead organizers 2020

Organizing team 2020

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Rami Itzhak

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Graphic Design, Social Networks.



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Production, Social Networks.


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