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Welcome to TEDxShenkarCollege, The TEDx community of Shenkar College of Design and Engineering. We are dedicated to spreading and discussing ideas, creating and distributing knowledge and connecting people, along the lines of the global TED organization.

Our 2020 TEDxShenkarCollege event took place on May 24th 2020 with a group of amazing speakers, and the talks were published on the TEDx channel - watch the talks and learn all about the speakers at our 2020 event.


TEDxShenkarCollege is dedicated to "Ideas worth spreading" in its widest sense, traversing disciplines, cultures and times. 


Our activity is operated by a group of wonderful volunteers. You can see the list of organizers this year, as well as in our 2018 event and 2019 event.


We would be happy if you decide to join our team!


We at TEDxShenkarCollege work on many exciting projects in the spirit of TEDx, to help distribute ideas and knowledge, and improve the community at Shenkar College. You are invited to join our activities - including TED Circles, Teacher training and other TED related activities.

TED Circles

TED Circles is a new TED initiative, in which groups all over the world get together to discuss common themes. In a TED Circle the group watches a video (one of several picked by TED) and discusses it.

We have already conducted 7 circles, in which we collaborate with other groups - in Poland, the UK and the US - by video conferencing. This allows us to share ideas with those of other groups and expand our horizons.

TEDx and students

TEDx is a great way to get students to improve their English skills and become part of an international community.

We encourage students to get involved in our TEDx. This year, for example, one of our speakers on stage is a first year student at Shenkar College.

Teacher Training

At TEDxShenkarCollege, we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts in improving the ability of our teachers to present talks at an international level.

The teaching staff that takes part in the teacher training become involved in our other activities, and help connect TEDxShenkarCollege with the Shenkar community.




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